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A Guide to Changing The World Through Personal Evolution


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Michael's first book ‘Provolution: A Guide to Changing the World through Personal Evolution’ was published by the UK’s O-Books in August 2010.

It makes a clear statement: You are the only thing in the world you can change. And when you change, the whole world changes with you.

Michael Paul Stephens’ book “Provolution” invites you on an odyssey of personal transformation across your mind, your body and your spirit, guiding you towards the natural wellbeing and spiritual peace you deserve.

Building upon natural concepts like transience, interconnectivity and interdependence, Provolution introduces you to the human spirit, uni-time, i-go, u-go and we-go; powerful new concepts that can help open your life to authenticity and our hearts to each other.

Provolution is your guide to spiritual evolution in a world that likes your suffering exactly as it is.


Provolution Book Summary

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Published by O-Books in 2010, Provolution is a practical and down-to-Earth guide to creating wellbeing in your life. Download the first three chapters for FREE, or purchase your copy online through Amazon.com

“There is much more within this revolutionary guide to spiritual evolution. 'Provolution' - first you make personal changes so that you can than make global changes.”

Diane Morgan | Footprints

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Written by:

Michael Paul Stephens 


June 1st 2011


O-Books, UK




UK £11:99 or US $24.95




Brief Description

Provolution is a guide to your personal spiritual evolution. Packed with facts about how to build happiness from the inside-out, this book provides you with the tools to let go of your ego’s habits and reactions and to embrace the new you, aware and conscious of your improving reality.

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Check out a deeper introduction to the concepts and philosophy of Provolution in this 13-minute video

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