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PROVOLUTION is a guide to changing the world through your personal evolution. Packed with information and practical advice about how to create genuine happiness in your reality, Michael Paul Stephens has created a book that explains how and why people create suffering in their lives and what they can do about it.


A Guide to Changing the World through Personal Evolution

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Michael's first book ‘Provolution: A Guide to Changing the World through Personal Evolution’ was published by the UK’s O-Books in August 2010.

It makes a clear statement: You are the only thing in the world you can change. And when you change, the whole world changes with you.

Michael Paul Stephens’ book “Provolution” invites you on an odyssey of personal transformation across your mind, your body and your spirit, guiding you towards the natural wellbeing and spiritual peace you deserve.

Building upon natural concepts like transience, interconnectivity and interdependence, Provolution introduces you to the human spirit, uni-time, i-go, u-go and we-go; powerful new concepts that can help open your life to authenticity and our hearts to each other.

Provolution is your guide to spiritual evolution in a world that likes your suffering exactly as it is.


TITLE: Provolution - A Guide to Changing the World Through Personal Evolution

AUTHOR: Michael Stephens

ISBN: 978-1-84694-310-2

Publishing Date: August 2010

Price: £11:99 or $24.95

Provolution is available to order through all reputable book stores across the world. Just quote the above information or visit Amazon by clicking below:

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We’ve made two professional videos about Provolution concepts and ideas to demonstrate how the book can help you create wellness in your life.

Video 1 is a short trailer introducing you to the basics of the book

Video two is 12 minutes, going through the concepts in more detail

Video 1: Trailer

Video 2: Introduction to Concepts



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