Michael Paul Stephens is a British author and teacher, who, for twenty years has been asking life’s biggest questions and coming up with practical answers.

Michael Paul Stephens is a father, husband, teacher and author.

Since his first meditation retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas in the early 1990’s, he has been an avid seeker, asker of questions and adventurer.

Now, through his writing and teaching, Michael has translated this approach to spiritual topics that answer the question of why we are here and what life means. His books, workshops, and videos have inspired thousands of people to live meaningful lives through practical techniques of meditation, mindfulness and community.

His first book, Provolution, was published by O-Books in 2010. The following year, he published his follow-up book, Equanimous, a channelled dialog with his spirit guide, which has subsequently been downloaded thousands of times.

Since that time, Michael has been working on two more book projects that are coming to fruition in 2018.

The first of these, “Why Are We Here?”, is a concise insight into the reason for life and self-awareness. It will be published both as an eBook and a self-studycourse in 2018, available on this site. It captures the spirit of the age, answering life’s greatest questions while offering practical steps for life improvement through the development course.

His follow up work, We-Topia, is a broader philosophy for building more effective communities and businesses. A future self-study course is in development.

On this site, Mike’s books and guides offer you a free, simple yet profound set of teachings to inspire, practice and create sustainable movement towards a life lived in peace with yourself and others around you. 

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“What can I say, the time I spent with Michael was brilliant and I really connected with his teachings. A great 3 sessions, I loved it, Thank you.”

Graham | UK

Michael Paul Stephens - Author and Teacher