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One of the key goals of Michael Paul Stephens is to make free spiritual guides available to all as the basic tools of your personal evolution.

If you are looking for a great way to start or develop your spiritual practices, these free spiritual guides supplement the books, videos and courses available elsewhere on this site.

This page gives you a brief overview of the various meditation and community-based publications currently available. You can add any of the free spiritual guides to your cart at any time and go through the checkout process.

And, as you will not be charged for these guides, there’s absolutely no risk. Simply set up your shopping cart and download. It’s as easy as that!


That REALLY Works!

In this free meditation guide Mike gives you his hints and tips to understand what meditation is supposed to be before you sit down and make all the mistakes that he made when first starting out!

Packed with information and advice from what to wear and how to set up your mediation space, to what barriers to look out for and how to overcome them, this guide is everything you need to know about getting your practice off the ground.

Containing 10 clearly explained meditations, you will learn some of the most useful meditation practices handed down through the millennia.

Of course, it still requires dedication from your side. But downloading the guide and starting is a good place to begin!


A FREE Guide to Building Spiritual Share Circle Groups in Your Community

It’s easy to start a spiritual practice. But very difficult to keep it going!!!

This is why Michael Paul Stephens has written a free spiritual guide to establishing Share Circles

Share circles are intended as a free community resource for individuals to share their awareness practices and life experiences and support one another in the process of spiritual growth and practice.

This guide explains how to set one up in your community, what to do and how to keep it going.

They are designed them to be easy and FREE to set up by anyone who cares to try. So, there’s no excuse not to get involved!