Learn reiki in Bangkok with Michael Paul Stephens and discover a healing and diagnostic practice that will serve your personal development for the rest of your life

Learn Reiki in Bangkok with Michael Paul Stephens and overcome many of the usual pitfalls of learning this incredible healing and self-development tool.

Reiki is an often misunderstood and poorly taught spiritual practice. It is not a cure for all things. Nor is about good and bad energy. It is not even about becoming ‘a healer’ or a wellness expert. Reiki is a process of self-discovery.

And this is exactly the process that you undertake when you learn reiki in Bangkok with Michael Paul Stephens. He sets up his classes to be informative and transformational experiences.  They ask you, the practitioner, to challenge the way you see the world and the way you see yourself in the world.

When Michael first started learning reiki in 2006, he didn’t believe that it worked. But after over a decade of practice an detaching the art of reiki, he has seen the effects. Reiki not only helps people to understand the conditions they are facing in their lives but, most importantly from the perspective of this course, it helps the practitioners to evolve their attitudes, reduce their ego and see a reflection of themselves in others around them.

For Michael, reiki has been a process of personal learning and transformation. That is exactly how he teaches reiki. And, if you choose to learn reiki in Bangkok with Michael, it is exactly what you will learn as a student.

Learn reiki in Bangkok Thailand with Michael Paul Stephens


Duration:  10 Hours over two days


This course covers the basic history of reiki, self-healing techniques and the major hand positions for the head, front and back of the body.

It offers the reiki student a deep insight into the profound nature of energy and how to create with it more effectively in all areas of your life. You will learn how to become  more sensitive and aware of how the human energy system works, how to read it, what it means and how to develop a tactful, insightful approach to talking about it.


  • Develop a deep understanding of the causes of sickness
  • Learn to feel energy and become sensitive to change
  • Learn grounding and channeling
  • Take control of your personal wellbeing and health
  • Learn a great life skill that will serve you for the rest of your life


Duration:  10 Hours over two days

Course Requirement: Must have completed Reiki One


Reiki courses are not badges of honor. Being a reiki II practitioner does not make you better at reiki than a reiki I practitioner.

The second degree Reiki certification class is taken after reasonable practice of the reiki I techniques. Reiki II offers you some new techniques that are best practiced once you have demonstrated a willingness to use reiki for self-development and the wellbeing of others.

The Michael Paul Stephens’ Reiki II course teaches you how to use the Reiki symbols and to practice distance healing. These are excellent skills to heal mental trauma and to practice meditations that go deeper into your practice than ever before.


  • Understand your emotional attachments
  • Learn how to let go of suffering
  • Discover great techniques to build wellness
  • Great introduction to your spiritual purpose