Why Are We Here? – Free Spiritual Course


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The First Module of Michael Paul Stephens’ “Why are we Here?” course introduces you to an advanced program of personal development and transformation.  This part is FREE and can be downloaded prior to downloading either the Full Program, or Parts One, Two and Three, separately.

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Would you like to learn a free spiritual course?

“Why Are You Here?” is a modularized learning experience from Michael Paul Stephens. Based upon his 2018 book of the same name, it contains a powerful a set of concepts and skills. These enable you to learn and experience the answer to the question through the medium of your life.

In this free spiritual course introduction, Module One is absolutely free. You will receive a One-Hour Video, work book and module one of the Audio book,  at no charge and with no obligation.

Module by module, Why Are You Here builds into strategy to live life in awareness, consciousness and free. It both challenges your perception of the world you think you know and offers you concrete practices to demonstrate a better way forward.

Containing 8 modules in three parts, each part can be downloaded directly from this site. Supplementing the program are optional coaching sessions with Michael, who will answers your questions through Skype call and help you to overcome any difficulties you may be facing.

For more information about the book please visit the Why Are We Here Book Page


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