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Published in 2011, Equanimous is Michael Paul Stephens’ second Book; a channeled dialog of humanity’s past, present and future.


Free Spiritual eBook – Equanimous – A Channeled Dialog of The Past, Present and Future of Humanity!

Written by Michael Paul Stephens and channeled by his wife, Orranut, Equanimous is a free spiritual eBook featuring gripping conversation between Michael and his spirit guide, Master Jacob.

From the awe-inspiring accounts of the universe’s birth and humanity’s secret evolution, to dramatic revelations about the lives of Buddha and Jesus Christ, the fast-paced dialog of Equanimous delivers astonishing revelations on every page.

Revealing the true origins of humanity’s past, our present and the future that we are all now facing, Equanimous is the book of our times. It asks us all to leave behind the old interpretations of God, the universe and our life’s purpose  and to wake up to The Reset: a future where the world will be reborn.

The challenge for each human being is simple: Do you dare to have no fear?

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