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Michael Paul Stephens Second Book

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A Guide to the Spiritual Transformation of Society from “Me” to “We”

We-Topia is the answer to the question “How do we live a different, better and practical path to a more equitable world?” 

Communism didn’t work. Capitalism isn’t working. Why does society find it so hard to create an environment where true freedom of the spirit can exist?

In We-Topia, Michael Paul Stephens answers these questions. Using the profound writings of Thai Buddhist Monk Buddhadasa Bhikku as his muse. Michael explains how the problems present in modern society are not new. They are products sewn into the very fabric of the cloth that we use to fashion our collective human culture, products that were created at the dawn of agriculture 13,000 years ago.

Using historical and scriptural evidence, Michael shows how modern Liberal Capitalism was bound to fail. Based upon ideas that not only ignore our spiritual calling but actually cause us to lose our way from it, Michael demonstrates that modern life is a spiritual trap that organizes billion of people to work against their own interests, in the pursuit of their own interests.

Recounting six new life principles and showing you how to apply them, We-Topia is based upon a philosophy of Socio-Naturalism. It demonstrates how you can help build a society that recognizes the innate purpose of the human spirit and builds social, political and economic systems that place this purpose first and foremost in the minds of those people who must take us there.


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