A Guide to Changing The World Through Personal Evolution
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You are the only thing in the world you can change. And when you change, the whole world changes with you.

Provolution invites you on an odyssey of personal transformation from your mind, your body and your spirit, guiding you towards the natural wellbeing, emotional freedom and spiritual peace you deserve.

From endemic global egotism to the enduring deception of time, Provolution describes how the world has become stuck in a spiral of suffering perpetuated by flawed ideas that have endured for millennia.

Drawing upon natural concepts like human spirit, uni-time, i-go, and relational mirrors, Provolution empowers you with real world skills to take back control of a future that you have relinquished to an illusion of fear and to transcend the conditioning that compels you to suffer.

Provolution is your guide to spiritual evolution in a world that likes your suffering exactly as it is. If you’re seeking global change, begin by provolving your own.

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“Michael Stephens has managed to put a lifetime worth of wisdom and perspective into his book Provolution. His writing offers a comprehensive study in how to better understand ourselves and our struggles and by doing so he empowers us to both improve ourselves as individuals and the world around us. Provolution offers both depth of thought and friendly readability, a true accomplishment for any writer.” 

Thomas M. Sterner, Author of The Practicing Mind

“There is much more within this revolutionary guide to spiritual evolution. ‘Provolution’ – first you make personal changes so that you can than make global changes.”

Diane Morgan. Footprints

“Very interesting reading.”

Tami Brady, TCM Reviews


I would recommend this book to EVERYONE who wants to feel a whole new way to BE. Michael’s book is a fantastic overview of body, mind, emotions and spirit and bringing back our connection to nature – Rhonda 2010

I have had the privilege of calling Michael Stephens one of my spiritual guides for over a year now. His caring and compassionate nature translates beautifully in this text.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who believes in the power of self-reflective growth and discovery. Read this book if you’re seeking to redefine your personal truth! – Whitney, 2014

First of all, I have to say that I hate reading books, but Michael’s book was so easy to read that I read it twice. The book is amazing, if you want to improve your life, get rid of stress, change the way you see life , learn to control you anger, emotions, learn to appreciate life more, share with your love ones, this book can change your life. But only if you want to make positive changes in yourself. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking to change their life for the better. – Patchara, 2014

I highly recommend reading this. Michael is a great writer. He is also is a wonderful meditation teacher. He has touched me in a deep way, and his message about mindfulness and living in the present moment has been life-changing for me. – Amazon Reviewer, 2017


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